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My focus is to get to the point of communication. As a professional copywriter and interpersonal communication coach, I will help you raise your communication to a new level. Whether it's a simple cover letter to an eye-popping, memorable resume, proofreading, editing, or learning strategies to improve communication between you and your customers and employees, I have you covered. 


Is your resume less than impressive? Do you a problem convincing your audience when you give a speech? Or do your assignments for school get bad marks because of mistakes in your writing?  

I have extensive experience as a copy editor and can turn your less-than-stellar written pieces into a stunning work of art. I'm meticulous at my craft and can carefully dissect each intricate detail of resumes, cover letters, college entrance essays, personal statements, and more. Whether the issue is grammar, punctuation, or content, I have a keen eye for spotting weaknesses and turning your writing into a strength. My editing prowess has proven effective in numerous settings with spectacular results.

I have experience professionally editing and revamping application essays for aspiring students to increase their chances at college acceptance. In the past, I've worked with med school application essays, law school application essays, and undergrad personal statements!

Students who have worked with me will end up with polished, well-developed essays that pave the way for their futures. 

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At Outside the Box Communications, we're ready and able to help you form, shape, and present your voice. Contact us at (954) 635-8631 today to schedule a consultation.

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